Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CIOs look to context-aware computing for growth

Typical Global 2000 companies will be managing at least two business relationships with context providers by 2012, according to a research report.

By 2015, context-aware computing will be as influential in mobile services and relationships as search engines are to the web, the report said.

These services will use location, availability, social attributes, and other information to anticipate an end user's needs to offer better functionality.

Context-aware computing has the potential to become a "game changer" in terms of competitive advantage, said Anne Lapkin, researcher at Gartner.

As users struggle with a greater variety of applications and devices, new business opportunities will emerge for businesses able to eliminate that complexity based on an intimate knowledge of end-user needs, according to Gartner.

Current context-aware services tend to be disparate implementations, but by 2011 technology aggressive companies will begin to integrate multiple systems to improve user experiences, enable growth and increase efficiency, said Lapkin.

"We are beginning to see significant interest in context-aware computing from CIOs looking to harness context information to provide a wide range of benefits from increased associate activity to better customer intimacy and better-targeted marketing," she said.

Computer Weekly.com

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