Monday, December 14, 2009

Windows 7 features IT managers should be thankful for

Windows 7 is worth a closer look by IT managers, particularly those who have to replace their aging XP laptop fleet, writes David Strom. Here are 5 of his favorite Windows 7 mobility features:

  1. Easier wireless connection process. You know how in the Mac OS you can just click on the drop-down little wireless symbol on the top menu bar and immediately see which networks are broadcasting? How you can just click on one of them and you are connected? Windows 7 has that too.
  2. Printers that follow your choices. Now when you switch between different wireless networks, your default selection of printers also switches, so you don't queue up documents for the wrong printer. Your firewall, file sharing and other networking preferences can follow you among different network settings as well.
  3. Better VPN features. There is a new feature called VPN Reconnect that allows Windows 7 to automatically re-establish active VPN connections when Internet connectivity is interrupted.
  4. Better remote control/assistance. Windows Remote Desktop has been improved so that you can actually watch hi-def video and listen to audio across the Internet from your remote PC. There is also a better Remote Assistance program that brings ease of use closer to the third-party GoToMyPC and LogMeIn services.
  5. Bitlocker to go. Windows had its own drive encryption software in Vista that was pretty much useless. Now in Win 7 you can encrypt an entire USB key and more importantly, IT managers can decrypt it when someone loses their password.
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