Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wrap on our Successful Virtualisation Seminar

MMC, in partnership with Citrix, invited clients to attend our informative Breakfast Seminar on the 17th of September which focused on the latest advancements and solutions to Virtualisation with specific reference to Citrix XenDesktop. The seminar was hosted at the lovely Wild Fig restaurant and attended by over 30 clients who beyond the sumptuous breakfast served, enjoyed the quality and scope of the information presented.

An overview of MMC’s Partnership with Citrix

Citrix has been one of MMC’s valued software solution partners for over a decade. We enjoy an exceptional relationship with Citrix and are proud to promote the solutions this outstanding organisation offers as we are entirely confident of the depth and reliability of their cutting-edge technologies.

Virtualisation – An Overview

Virtualisation separates physical hardware (such as a server) from the operating system and software applications. Instead of operating a dedicated server to enable the deployment of a single application (such as a database, domain, eCommerce site etc.), Virtualisation enables the consolidation of these multiple servers to operate side-by-side over a single server and operating system, while simultaneously running multiple applications.

Currently organisations are realising on average, just 5-10% of their individual server performance, slashing their server hardware requirement by up to 20-1. With Virtualisation, clients can expect to realise maximum (90-95%) server performance which leads to an impressive array of additional advantages.

The Benefits of Virtualisation

Increased, Centralised Control – Centralised monitoring and deployment of applications enables IT staff to apply patches and upgrades to a single application instead of multiple applications across servers and other hardware.

Rapid Deployment – Administrating/authorising additional users is quick and simple as access to applications and data is immediate.

Decreased Hardware Expenditure – Virtualisation enables centralised server deployment of applications which in turn enables a wider range of endpoint devices to access and utilise up-to-date technology. It is therefore not critical to procure new desktop and laptop PC’s in line with software technology advances.

Maximised ROI – Server performance is maximised as multiple applications are able to run side-by-side over a single server.

Decreased Power/Cooling/Physical Storage Requirement – The need for fewer servers translates to a significant decrease in power usage, cooling and real-estate.

Workforce Flexibility – Virtualisation enables cloud computing, meaning that users are able to access applications and data in real time from remote locations.

Increased Data Security – As all data, such as documents and records are stored within a centralised location, intellectual property and sensitive/confidential information can be managed and access protected more efficiently.

Business Continuity – Data can be accessed 24/7/365 by authenticated users from virtually anywhere around the world. In the case of remote working or unforeseen circumstances, business can continue as usual.

Improved Disaster Management – Should a user’s device be stolen or should it malfunction, this does not affect stored data and access to critical applications. Data and applications are stored within a centralised location ensuring greater control over the secure back-up and recovery of data.

The Citrix Solution - XenDesktop

Citrix Xendesktop delivers virtual desktops as a service to users throughout the organisation over the local company network or Wide Area Network (WAN) network via any endpoint device. Each time a user logs in to his/her user account, Xendesktop will deliver a fresh, up-to-date personalised desktop environment, including all relevant software applications and stored data (such as emails and documents) to the user’s device.

Citrix Xendesktop is arguably the most advanced, reliable and flexible virtualisation solution available to business. With HDX technology, Citrix Xendesktop is to date the only solution to deliver a truly exceptional user experience. In addition to the centralisation of data, Citrix XenDesktop’s encrypted delivery, SSL VPN appliance, as well as multi-factor authentication ensure optimal data security. Citrix XenDesktop is exceptionally flexible to collaborate with a variety of hosting infrastructures, such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, blade PCs and of course, Citrix XenServer. A diverse range of client platforms including Windows, Windows XPe, Windows CE, Linux, Mac OS, Windows Virtual Server are supported, as well as virtually any application virtualisation solution.

Clients are assured of optimal performance and highly accessible technical support as part of the stringent SLA’s MMC has in place with clients.

Should you be interested in further exploring the benefits and possibilities for deploying a virtualisation solution with your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact Carl on 021 530 1600, or via email at carl@mmc.za.com.

Upcoming Seminar – Unlocking the true Value of your Software Applications

Please keep a close watch on your inbox for the invitation to our next seminar where we will be focussing on uncovering the incredible, so often under-utilised benefits that you already have access to within the software your organisation uses. This promises to be an exceptionally interesting and valuable seminar for all.

Rita Whittington, MD of MMC talks to Darren Hammond, who was the delighted winner of our lucky-draw prize which consisted of a Logitec Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

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  1. I am a Dell employee and I enjoyed reading your blog about the virtualization seminar. It's very impressive. I think virtualization is really beneficial in increasing the data security and workforce flexibility.