Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Focus on your Business Objectives and not IT – with MMC Pulse Centre

• When things go wrong – how much time and money are you just never able to recover?

• Are you completely confident that you are using your IT infrastructure to its full potential?

• Should you and your team be spending more time on strategy, rather than fixing and managing IT issues?

For the greater part of 2009 the leaders of MMC were involved in exhaustive research and analysis regarding the virtues, possibilities and practical options in establishing a comprehensive Managed Services solution for our customers.

The announcement of our most recent and most exciting solution to date – MMC Pulse Centre – bears testimony to our dedication in providing our clients with access to cost effective, state-of-the-art IT solutions that are geared to adding significant value within every aspect of their business.

Why the development of MMC Pulse Centre (our Managed Services solution) now?

MMC recognises the fact that organisations – whether they have an IT department or not, are faced with an ever increasing dependence on the fast-evolving, complex technologies that they are required to align with in order to be successful in the modern business arena.

IT has the potential to pose a very real threat to ones business due to the fact that it is not only an ongoing challenge to keep abreast with the latest technologies, but because up-to-date, specialised knowledge and experience is required to ensure these technologies upon which we so heavily rely, are suitably integrated within our networks and existing infrastructures, as well as maintained to ensure stability and therefore optimal performance. As if all of this is not enough of a headache, business leaders are faced with the financial considerations regarding whether the return on their IT investment is really worth the while.

Although the traditional break-fix solution is still the service standard for many organisations, MMC believes that we are able to offer maximum value through a more cost-effective, pro-active solution that ensures we are able to maintain optimal levels of service and reliability throughout our clients IT infrastructure.

What is ‘MMC Pulse Centre (Managed Services)?

Monitoring . Management . Consistency . Success

MMC Pulse Centre (Managed Services) is a pro-active, remotely operated, software enabled, automated auditing and monitoring IT management solution that operates 24/7/365.

Through deploying this management solution within your organisation, we are able to detect potential problems within any area of your IT Infrastructure (from your network, servers and desktop PC’s, to software applications, portable devices etc.) and recommend/make suitable adjustments before these potential threats can affect the functioning of your business.

Putting it in perspective:-

The familiar scenario involves a staff member within your organisation, be they from within the IT department or not, making a call to our service centre to report a problem. MMC technicians then prepare to solve the problem remotely if they can, or on site as the situation requires.

With a managed services solution such as the MMC Pulse Centre, we are already aware of potential problems before they actually materialise. This means that we are able to deploy a solution before anyone needs to call us and before downtime is experienced within your organisation.

What are the Benefits of Managed Services?

Scalability & Flexibility – MMC is able to tailor our service agreement with you to cater to your individual requirements and budget. As your business grows, MMC has the resources to grow with you.

Security – You know that someone is keeping tabs on your entire infrastructure 24/7/365. We build a virtual fortress that provides the most effective protection for you IT assets and intellectual capital.

Predictability – Our Managed Services are provided at a monthly rate which will significantly reduce your expenditure on IT maintenance and repair services.

Reliability – No business can afford to lose unnecessary man-hours. By ensuring your IT infrastructure is running smoothly at all times, you will experience the least amount of downtime and a significant increase in profit potential.

Accountability – You have one point of call when you need to discuss anything related to IT and a single service provider to ensure you are gaining the full benefit from all the components of your IT infrastructure. Our stringent SLA’s provide you with the perfect foundation for 100% assurance and peace-of-mind.

MMC Pulse Centre – Core Services

MMC will provide clients with a menu of service options that can be customised to suit our client’s individual requirements. The basis of our service offering however includes:

Standard Features:

• Site Assessment & Inventory
• Hardware/Software Analysis
• Infrastructure Auditing & Reporting

Automated Tasks:

• Spyware Protection & Removal
• Virus Protection
• Disk Drive Analysis
• Security Patch Management
• Application Usage
• System Auditing
• Back-up & Disaster Recovery
• User Policy Enforcement

Where to from here...

MMC will be officially launching the MMC Pulse Centre in January 2010. Although we will be making specific recommendations to clients over the course of January and February, we urge interested clients to contact their service representative for further information and a FREE assessment of their needs as soon as possible.

Please email us at info@mmc.za.com, or call us on 021 530 1600 for further information.

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