Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adam Whittington Speaks about Kaseya/TotalCare on IT Web

Adam Whittington, MMC’s Operations and Finance Director, recently spoke to IT Web regarding our decision to integrate the revolutionary software platform that Kaseya offers, into our own service offering – TOTALcare.
CLICK HERE to view IT Webs’s interview with Adam Whittington regarding Kaseya.
Based on the Kaseya technology and software platform, TOTALcare is a truly revolutionary solution to the traditional break/fix model of IT management and service.  
Instead of calling in problems when they arise, our TOTALcare software, PULSEware, monitors our client’s network and infrastructure on a continual basis, providing ongoing maintenance and software updates when they are needed and ensuring that any problems that do arise are rectified before they impact on our client’s operations and workflow in any way.  
                                                                                                         View Video Here
An overview of MMC TOTALcare Benefits:- 
Scalability and Flexibility:       We are able to tailor TOTALcare to meet our client’s individual requirements and budget – both now and into the future 
Security:                                  PULSEware monitors our client’s infrastructure 24/7/365 which ensures the   most effective protection for their IT assets and intellectual capital 
Predictability:                          MMC provides our TOTALcare service at a fixed monthly rate, which means our client is able to enjoy reduced expenditure on IT maintenance 
Reliability:                               Our client is assured that their IT infrastructure will perform optimally, with no downtime and no impact on workflow 
Accountability:                        Our clients have already experienced the level of personalised attention and exceptional service that MMC offers – the TOTALcare service too conforms to a stringent SLA, providing our client with complete peace-of-mind 
Productivity:                            Where our client already has an IT department, less time will be spent on crises and maintenance and rather on strategic deployment of technology. Where our client does not have an IT department, MMC provides our client with the complete peace of mind that comes from knowing their technologies are performing as they should, when they should. 
The MMC TOTALcare matrix: 
MMC has divided our TOTALcare service into four specialised units that manage specialised areas within the IT infrastructure as follows:- 
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