Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let MMC Help you Steamline your Internal Processes

At MMC we like to think of our service as one that is virtually indispensable to the success of your business and as such we offer solutions that enable you to operate your internal processes in the most efficient, cost effective manner. One of these solutions includes the online automation of your internal forms.

Infopath – The Integral Application

Infopath, created by Microsoft, is the software application that we use in order to create and structure your internal forms.

Although clients are able to purchase Infopath as a separate application, those clients who already have Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate Edition will be able to enjoy its benefits already.

Integrating your Existing Infrastructure and the Entire Workforce

Because Infopath utilises XML – we are able to integrate functionality with your existing infrastructure – including numerous Microsoft based applications and additional databases. Forms can be emailed to individuals and can also be accessed via the corporate network.

In addition, those clients who utilise SharePoint Server have the added advantage of enabling workers to submit information through online forms using any internet browser. This means that workers are able to submit and access information using a computer or even a mobile device, from anywhere around the globe. Clients without SharePoint Server will need to load InfoPath on each user’s computer.

Do I need to Automate my Forms?

By automating your forms, you are able to collate data within a central location safely, correctly and consistently.

Would additional forms assist your department or organisation? Ask yourself the following questions to find out:-

·         Do I need to gather information in a consistent, standardised way?
·         Does my present method of collecting data result in missing or incorrect information?
·         Do I have existing documents that would be better suited as fill-in-the-blank forms?
·         Do I want to save time by improving team processes?
Even if you don’t need to collate the data within a central location such as a corporate database and wish purely to ensure that certain information is documented and shared in a consistent manner – InfoPath is still able to assist you to create forms, load, save and distribute data that can be easily accessed by your team within the corporate network.

Where Could Automated Forms be Utilised?

The online automation of forms is traditionally adopted by the HR department as the automation of leave request forms, travel requests and so forth. Virtually the entire business however, can benefit through the integration of an online form system – here are a few examples:-

Accounts: Submit expense reports, requisitions, cheque requests, purchase orders and other accounting information

Sales: Help the sales team collaborate data regarding their activities using InfoPath to submit information to a central database

Stores: Enable staff members to request stock or submit requisitions

Management: Send and receive performance reviews from your team and collate data in one central location

Teams: Create and distribute meeting notes in a standardised manner

Administration: Keep track of assets and obtain the information you need through prompting individuals within the organisation to submit their online forms

Where Does MMC Come in?

In order to ensure that you gain the full benefit from InfoPath, our Business Intelligence Consultant, Anthony Simons, is standing by to assist you.

Understanding your Needs
We start off with a comprehensive needs analysis and propose the initial forms we believe will help to streamline processes within your organisation.

Set Up and Deployment
Anthony is skilled at creating customised forms that mirror the overall corporate image of your organisation. He will also ensure that the forms are integrated with your infrastructure and that they work as they should.

Staff Training
In most cases our clients will appoint one person to initially champion the development of new forms as and when they are needed in the business. Anthony will conduct in depth training with this person, or as many individuals as is needed.

Would you like More Information?
Contact Anthony Simons, our Business Intelligence Consultant telephonically on 021 530 1600, or via email at or alternatively your Account Manager today to discuss your requirements.
Some Screen Shots of InfoPath:-
You can compile forms for your internal use, or even for your clients to complete.
Travel Requests are made easy with InfoPath...
Expense Reports submitted through InfoPath ensure the accounts department receives the information they need in the format they need.
Even online Credit Applications can be made easier through using InfoPath!

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