Friday, November 26, 2010

IT Governance Website Launched

ISACA, the international association representing IT governance professionals and the leading authority in IT governance, has recently released results focused on understanding the governance of information technology.
The new 'Taking Governance Forward' Web site has been launched to help put all of the pieces of a governance system - objectives, enablers, views, roles, activities and relationships - together.ISACA believes delivering the results as an interactive Web site will foster more deliberation and discussion and provide a dynamic way for everyone to contribute to the current debate on what governance is and how it works.Winston Hayden, vice-president of ISACA South Africa, explains: "There are just so many misconceptions and misinterpretations of IT governance.
This is creating a lot of confusion, and in some instances, conflict, between governance stakeholders and the various participants. Unfortunately, this confusion is also being fuelled by ill-informed and unqualified advisories, consultants and service providers.
”The new Web site is the outcome of an initiative led by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI) to provide a high-level overview of governance: its definition, components, participants and views. It is designed to be brief, simple, straightforward and practical, with minimum theory. It is intended to depict “governance on a page” - holistically and completely.
The objective of the Taking Governance Forward initiative is to reach an agreement on a universally acceptable definition of governance; to clarify the debate on governance by providing a comprehensive, yet simple-to-use overview of the components and relationships of governance; and to provide the reader and user with practical tools to understand the governance views model and learn high-level ways to initiate its implementation.
The Web site's material will appeal to different audiences depending on their position and priorities. Those in senior executive ranks or on boards will find the strategic nature of the definition of governance and the one-page modelling of governance of interest.
Those who are charged with building governance frameworks or performing practical implementation of governance in the enterprise will find the mappings and implementation guidance useful.Hayden adds: “Governance is something that all IT practitioners and professionals should start to understand, it's not only for management and GRC practitioners, but also for those involved with business management, information security, service management, operations and assurance.
”The Web site's material has been through several rounds of review by groups of individuals representing differing job titles, years of experience, type of expertise and levels of engagement with governance issues. Now it is time for others to provide input. Visit the new Taking Governance Forward Web site to engage in the progress of the governance of IT.
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