Thursday, June 9, 2011

MMC wins 8th Place in MSPmentor Top 10 MSP’s in Africa Awards

In addition to industry certification, companies have now an additional means of validating service levels when choosing an IT Service Partner.

MSPmentor, an internationally respected authority in the Managed Services Sector conducts an annual survey, in which it collates the business and service level data of over 100 qualifying Managed Service Providers globally. Managed Service Providers are then ranked to conclude a list of 100 top MSP’s across the world according to the size of their business and their ability to deliver proficient services to their clients. A position within the top ten IT Managed Service Providers indicates a high level of customer service, knowledge and expertise in delivering Managed Services.

MMC was ranked the 8th top Managed Services Provider in Africa for 2011 - an achievement of which we are exceedingly proud.

“This survey and award process is a great step forward as it really sets a benchmark in the Managed Services Sector and provides companies like ourselves, with something significant to aspire to” says Adam Whittington, Financial Director at MMC.

“Our team was so excited as this award is the result of their hard work and dedication to making our Managed Service solution – which we have customised and packaged as ‘TotalCARE’ – really work exceptionally well for our clients” says Adam.

About TotalCARE

Many of the contenders for the MSPmentor awards utilise a common platform through which they deliver services – namely Kaseya. Kaseya is developed in the US, so what MMC has done is to take this platform and customise the service to suit the specific needs of South African business. This makes our service offering not only unique, but also that much more effective.

“The TotalCARE service is structured to give us a really in-depth understanding of our clients business which places us in a far better position to provide services aligned to their actual needs” says Rita Whittington, Managing Director of MMC. “Companies that are serious about growth and alleviating risk need an IT Service Partner that really understands them and can align with their business strategy”.

“Providing Managed Services through TotalCARE enables us to deliver a solution that is based on sound methodology. It requires us to exercise our Project Management abilities, which is a distinct benefit for our client. Break-fix services just don’t offer the same level of depth or consistency as the service is symptomatic. This is something that companies need to seriously consider” says Rita.

What our Clients Say…

“We have a very positive relationship with MMC and this has been based on the fact that they are punctual, knowledgeable and very professional in how they deliver their services. I have found their team to be experienced and highly energetic in how they communicate and work with us - MMC is really on the ball” says Chris Lane, Financial Director at Berry and Donaldson.

“MMC have assisted us in upgrading our entire environment from old, redundant, resource inefficient technologies and unmanaged security issues, to an environment that is secure, operationally effective and cheaper to maintain. I love the fact that they look after my environment while enabling me as the IT Manager to remain in control. Their monthly reports offer specialised information that an IT person needs and these are delivered on time every time. The cost of their service is another big factor and I am happy to say that MMC is very well priced for the service they offer” IT Manager, Cape Town NPO.  
Certification Central to Success

Most companies are heavily reliant on a stable and efficient IT environment to compete in today’s dynamic business community. Choosing an IT partner that invests in continually enhancing the skills of its people, as well as remaining aligned with cutting edge technological developments and continually improving service delivery standards is critical to the success of your organisation.

Our technical team members are all ITIL certified to the highest standard within their area of responsibility, with Adam Whittington having achieved the highest qualification as an ITIL Expert. In addition, we are ISO 9000 certified and are members of itSMF International, as well as TruMethods.
Our award through MSPmentor really is the cherry on top.

Companies seeking advice, or who wish to know more about TotalCARE are invited to contact Rita Whittington, Managing Director of MMC on 021 530 1600, or via email at     

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