Thursday, March 14, 2013

Has Windows 8 heralded a bold, new computing revolution?

Cast your mind back to August 1995 and do you remember Microsoft's groundbreaking release of Windows 95 which revolutionised the way we have used Windows ever since?. In October 2012 Microsoft released Windows 8 - and have they done it again? With an operating system so different to its predecessors - does this signify a new era of computing?   

[Gary Simpson] Released in October 2012, and now in widespread use across a multitude of desktop and mobile computing devices, Microsoft's new version of its groundbreaking Operating System - Windows 8 is certainly a very different experience for those of us who have used Microsoft Windows
Windows 8 for years.

As the head of R&D at MMC, I've written a concise, but informative report on my experience of Windows 8 - download it HERE.

Redefining Access

The predominant change in the new Windows 8 is undoubtedly its desktop and start interface.
Replacing the traditional 'Start Menu' is a new 'Start Screen' which provides you with quick and easy
access to your favourite programs, applications and live information streams, while wiping out the tendency to litter the desktop with shortcut icons. A 'Charms Bar' to the side of your screen allows you to interact with programs and applications like never before, while substituting the screensaver of old is the new 'Lock Screen' which provides convenient, customisable glance-and-go information.

But why the big makeover?

Our interaction with technology has changed dramatically over the last few years  with the advent of touch screen technologies on both desktop PC's and laptops, as well as mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphone's.

In addition, continual streaming of information through social networks and news feeds, as well as our integration with the cloud has necessitated an improved, more efficient approach to how we access these technologies.

While the 'Start Menu' revolutionised Windows back in 1995, Windows 8 provides traditional technologies, as well as touch screen technologies with a unified approach to usability and access.

The way of the future

Windows users are currently faced with a learning curve - albeit a fairly short and simple one.
Although the new interface is considered unorthodox and even scary for some - Microsoft is steering users into the future with Windows 8.

Touch is ultimately where computing is headed and Windows 8 provides a fun, highly efficient , unified means of computing in a modern world. It is quicker, far more responsive and is designed around how we work and interact with each other every day.

To learn more about Windows 8 and how it could benefit efficiency and that all important integrated approach in your organisation, contact MMC for more information or an individualised IT assessment.

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